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How 60uP® Works

The 60uP® Balance Board System helps anyone who might be suffering from loss of balance, a weakening of the legs or body which affects movement, or just anyone who wants to improve overall body stability to stay active longer.

The Risk of Falls

As we age, especially beyond 60 years, our bodies tend to lose overall strength, stability and even balance. Unfortunately, these affected areas can lead to falls. As we know, falls are dangerous:

  • The risk of falling in the home increases with age. Strength, balance and gait are all contributory risk factors.
  • Falls effect over a third of people over 65 years old and 40% of people over 80.
  • Accidents in older age groups are more often females rather than males.
  • One in every five falls among women aged 55 and over results in a fracture requiring hospital treatment.
  • The largest proportion of accidents are falls from stairs or steps. Over 60 percent of deaths result from accidents on stairs.

The 60uP® Secret

60uP®'s patented balance training board design addresses and corrects the three critical elements of balance and movement:

  • Neurological Brain Connections
  • Positive Body Alignment
  • Body Strength

When one or all of these three factors are out of alignment with each other, this can lead to a series of cascading effects:

  • Overexertion to compensate for lost combined functionality
  • Loss of confidence in movement
  • Lack of exercise for the heart and thus less blood flow 
  • Finally, overall fear that affects quality of life

Using zero impact, effortless movements, 60uP®'s balance enhancing system is the simple, safe way to improve all three of these important balance elements. Our goal for the 60uP® program is to get the user outside the home and doing the everyday activities they love to do.

How 60uP® Works

The 60uP® helps solve balance issues by helping you retrain both your mind and body in the areas of balance and stability. 60uP® creates new neural connections to help balance your brain. New connections re-integrate and sync body movements to create confidence in body function, mobility and posture.

By simply stepping onto the board, and holding the stability poles, you immediately begin to strengthen both legs, your arms and overall body. With a few simple maneuvers, your brain begins to reprogram itself to provide your body better balance and mobility.

As we mentioned, movement and balance have three critical elements to success.

  • The Neurological connection leading from the brain recognition of the task involved before the movement and as the movement changes. 
  • Positive Body Alignment
  • Body Strength

As a person ages, or recovers from a debilitating injury or surgery, the body needs to regain or maintain one or more of these elements with confidence to function successfully.

Body mechanics require a direct and immediate correlation between muscles, ligaments, tendons, skeletal structure and the nervous system (brain recognition) in order to maintain posture and balance. 

The 60uP® Balance Board brings all three elements of movement back into a power combination

If the body is not strong enough to hold its own weight, move fast enough to react, or push back against an unwanted directional lean, it will fall.

The 60uP® Balance Board provides a complete top to bottom, left to right, front to back re-training of what the body used to do and wants to do again. Most people have had excellent natural balance since they first learned to walk and took it for granted. This changes with time, injury and illness and then, unexpectedly, balance is a challenge.

Body Strength

The 60uP® Balance Board helps rekindle the strength needed to support the body once again. With the rocking motion side-to-side or front to back, the 60uP® complete balance strength program will get any body stronger every time they use it. With the resistance bands, upper body power will also increase.

Think of building a house on sand. If the base is weak, the house will crumble. The more the building goes up, the stronger the foundation needs to be. The body is no different. Build the strength of the base (the feet, ankles, calves, thighs, glutes, core) and the better function the rest of the body will achieve.

With over 200 safe & simple balance and strengthening exercises on a board less that 3 feet by 2 feet, we believe there is no better functional, space saving piece of equipment in the world.

Positive Body Alignment

Positive Body Alignment is built around the posture and keeping the body in a center line. As the body weakens or body awareness lessens, the loss of alignment places excessive demands on specific body parts. These demands cause fatigue and the body starts to lose its center and compensate in stressful ways that lead to injuries, falls and loss of confidence.

Once confidence is gone, the chance of falling increases immensely. It is difficult to correct a weakening body for everyday function unless specific strengthening exercises are employed. These exercises must be both designed specifically to align the body for natural movement and incorporate all aspects of movement.

The 60uP® Balance Board creates a natural alignment-strengthening program that mimics what happens to the body in everyday life. The Balance Board forces both sides of the body to work equally and re-aligns the center. Any off center movement will create a rock of the board to the “heavier” side and that delivers an immediate feedback to the user that they are not positioned correctly.

Over time, the body will begin to naturally correct the pressure points and adjust as the body moves. This is all relative to the natural feedback sent through the neurological system to the brain. You cannot cheat the balance board. It only moves on what it receives and as the user uses the board, the board will help correct the user and send positive feedback and feelings of accomplishment as they achieve the ability to balance and move in balance.

Brain Connectivity

Brain connectivity to the body is critical to all movement. The body’s ability to instigate and react to movement changes is called proprioception.

Proprioception is the body's ability to receive input through receptors in the skin, muscles and joints and transfer the information to the brain through the nervous system so that the body can sense itself. This is the most exciting discovery from results achieved from the 60uP® Balance Board.

As we begin to fear our ability to move and not fall, our eyes begin to look down to see where we are going. Our sense of balance is then judged from what we see and not what we feel from our proprioceptive senses. This leads to hesitation, lack of body reaction time to correct instability and lessening of the brains ability to act. If you don’t use it, you lose it. This also goes for the brain.

There downward spiral is systematic:

  • Body weakening in strength and functionality
  • Fear of mobility and reaction time
  • Less Movement to rebuild lost strength
  • Brain doesn’t trust the body so the eyes take over
  • Delayed reaction from eyes sending messages to brain to correct change
  • Loss of confidence and belief in the body's abilities
  • Movement lessens resulting in weakening heart function
  • Weaker heart pumping leads to loss of oxygen to the brain
  • Loss of independence both for the senior and their family too
  • Realization of inability to function leads to depression and a sad, quick decline in wanting to live.

Quality of life is reduced and life span drastically shortens

Re-learning = Re-living.

The 60uP® Balance Board not only gives hope, but also works to help resolve the above situations, no matter what stage the person is at. Just getting on the board will help begin to address these issues, in no specific order, and work back to the belief, hope and ability to turn one's life around. This all starts with reconnecting the brain to the body's functioning. With the safety handles, the user does not feel the need to look to see if they are balanced. The user can lift their eyes up, look forward, and allow the brain to “feel” their body working again to reconnect the sensory proprioceptive ability it always had since learning to walk.

In short, the board is not teaching anything new. It is purely going back and reconnecting the brain to the body as it used to do. Re-learning = Re-living.