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About Us

Empowering Health Network, Inc., and its DBA’S and is an organization dedicated to helping people of all ages resolve musculoskeletal disorders though Complementary Alternative Medicine (CAM).  The organization’s primary focus is to help people understand what may be the cause of pain and discomfort and what avenues are available to them for treatment. The offering will be relevant information, products and services, including a health professional search tool.  


To be the most reliable online source of information and products for people that are experiencing musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. To provide evidence-based content and insights in our site that empower people in pain with a means to make educated and informed decisions regarding the most expedient and best course for treatment to give them hope that pain free living can be restored. That people can rely on the quality and detail of the products that we provide in our website as well as the healthcare professionals that we feature in the onsite directory.


To empower human beings that are in pain to make informed choices for treatment. To be the most detailed, robust and informative online resource for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.  To restore hope in people to achieve a better quality of life.


We care about human beings. We believe that every human being should have access to the best, most reliable information that can empower them to learn the quickest ways to relieve pain to feel their best and live the happiest life possible.  Every effort we make supports our desire to truly help other humans feel better.


To help you find a health care provider you can trust

At you can decide on the kind of therapy that you want to try, we can refer you to a convenient provider in that specialty who has signed an ethics pledge to provide evidence-based care, and to put your interests above theirs. We also welcome your comments on your care by posting a review for others to see.


Thomas Mangione, CEO

Peter Bohenek, President

Dr. Wayne Whalen
Chief Content Officer