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UTK Technology Heat For Pain Relief

UTK specializes in far-infrared heating pads, UTK far-infrared heating pads are FDA registered as Medical Devices Class IIa.

All UTK far-infrared heating pads use a combination of negative ions, far-infrared rays and natural stones to give you optimum healing. Our products are made in China and go through several tests before they’re sent to the public. The pads are tested to make sure they contain the highest amount of far-infrared rays and negative ions. All of UTK far-infrared heating pads are free of radiation and EMF.

Our Vision: To make a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable to everyone.

The ease of online ordering and home delivery allows us to make health care and healthy living products accessible to you, our customers. We pride in keeping our costs low and offering you the best price that we can. We understand that in today’s world the pursuit of healthy lifestyle is a necessity and every person should be able to afford that. We stand behind all our products, and promise you quality and good pricing.

Warranty Policy

Although we produce extremely durable products, with the lowest defect rate in the industry, we still provide hassle-free warranty coverage.If a product is defective, and the defects do not include physical damage caused by incorrect or negligent usage, within 365 days of receipt of the product, you may obtain a free replacement from UTK. To do so, you must contact us ( and explain the problem in detail. Most problems with our products are related to incorrect usage and can be resolved with the right suggestion or explanation. If the product appears to have a manufacturing defect, we will ask you to ship it back to us for a free replacement. All UTK products or accessories with manufacturing defects will be replaced for free. Unlike other companies, we do not charge a restocking fee. If the product you return to us does not appear to be defective or has clearly been damaged by the user, we will ship it back to you at your expense.

30-Day Risk-Free Trial

With your purchase of a UTK Heating Pad, you will enjoy a 30-Day risk-free trial. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason you can send it back for a refund of the price of the product. If you think you may return your pad during your trial period, please use it with care and always cover it with a towel or blanket. The unit must be in good condition, without smell, stains, or damage.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is Far-Infrared Heat?

    Far-Infrared Heat is the invisible part of the Sun’s spectrum, not to be confused with ultraviolet light which may damage your skin. FIR is the safest form energy that is directly transmitted onto objects because of its specific wavelength. The human body can easily absorb far-infrared heat because of its deep penetrating ability. Studies have shown that far infrared waves can actually penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments. The thermal effect within the deep layers of tissues cause blood vessels in capillaries to dilate which improves blood circulation and promotes health and wellness.

  • How do I best use the Far Infrared Heating Pad?

    As often as possible in your normal daily schedule, in the car, in the office or while watching a movie, etc.

    The Far Infrared Heating Pad is designed to be used either on top of or underneath your body. This is an individual’s choice as to what area to blanket with the therapeutic effects of the FAR heat. The soft format allows the pad to conform to the shape of the couch or chair or lounger as well as drape over the body area that the individual cares to treat. This is safe and can be used as long as you want for the desired results.

  • When should I feel results?

    Many people experience immediate relief from tension and remedial pain. Some requires several days of regular use to begin to feel the benefits. The results vary and will depend upon your underlying condition and how often you use your Far Infrared Heating Pad. To get the quickest results and greatest benefits, use your Far Infrared Heating Pad according to the directions and use it as often as possible.

  • What if I don’t feel anything when using the Far Infrared Heating Pad?

    Double check that all connections are made. Remember this is not an old fashioned “radiant” heating pad, but you should feel deep penetrating heat.

    Sometimes misunderstood, The UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad does not work like a conventional heating pad. The FIR heat from the pad is activated by your own body. It does not heat the ambient air surrounding the pad, so it will only feel warm (approximately 104 F) to your touch, even though the heat sensor might indicate high. This allows the pad to get to the optimal heat yet not burn the individual as conventional pads might. By placing the pad against your body you are allowing the Far-Infrared rays to reach an optimal temperature and to be absorbed by your body.

  • Why is the Far Infrared Heating Pad So Different?

    It reproduces the beneficial energy of the sun, which provides fuel for our bodies cellular growth and helps support the body’s immune system.

    The UTK Far-Infrared Heating Pad bring two different beneficial therapies to the individual.

    Far-Infrared Heat is a type of Deep Heating Modality: In contrast to other superficial heating modalities(e.g., hot water baths, hot packs, electric heating pads, warm compresses) that usually do not heat deep tissues, including muscles. Far-Infrared Heat penetrates the subcutaneous layer beneath the skin surface, which usually acts as a thermal insulator and inhibits heat transfer.

    FIR radiant heat therapy is a type of conversion heat treatment. This form of heating involves heat transfer by conversion of energy from a wave length energy state (e.g. light, sound) to another (heat). The high-energy photons penetrate the tissues. This energy is converted to heat by exciting the water molecules (resonance). (eg. Ultrasound, diathermy modalities) Far infrared waves can actually penetrate up to 2-3 inches deep into muscular tissue and ligaments. Deep and long lasting, usually lasting 1 to 1.5 times longer than the treatment application.

  • What will my doctor say about Far Infrared Heat?

    Depending on the practitioners and their area of expertise, the response will vary. Chiropractic and Naturopathic or Holistic doctors tend to know and understand more about the positive natural healing effects of FAR Heat than traditional MD, however, times are changing. Just ask your doctor how much they studied nutrition in medical school, you might be shocked.

    Before using this or any other product, consult a physician to make sure the origin of your back pain is not due to a condition that requires medical attention.

  • Where can I use my Heating Pad? 

    Use it where you live…in the car, in the home and office. Take it with you on your business and leisure travels.

  • Can I burn myself with the Far Infrared Heating Pad?

    It is possible (we have to for all product liability disclose this) if used on bare skin (but not likely), as the jade stones can become quite warm and everyone’s individuals thresholds for heat vary. We recommend if there is any doubt to use at least one layer of clothing as a protective barrier while using the Far Infrared Heating Pad, remember the Infrared wave length will penetrate through clothing or a hand towel without effecting the heat transfer.

  • When should the Far Infrared Heating Pad NOT be used?

    The list below contains known conditions when the far infrared heating pad should not be used or only be used under the supervision of a physician. This list is not exhaustive. If you suffer from any serious condition that might be affected by the use of the product, please consult with your physician before using the heating pad.

    Do not use directly over open wounds.

    Do not use directly over acute injuries.

    Do not use directly over face or genitals.

    Do not use if you are insensitive to heat, including paraplegic and quadriplegic or have poor blood circulation that affects your ability to feel heat or cold sensations.

    Do not use if you are immobile or incapacitated or not able to remove the heating pad from your body.

    Do not use this product with infants or children under the age of 6. Children under age of 14 should always use the pad under adult supervision.

    In the case of pregnancy, diabetes, hemophilia, malignancy or other serious conditions, consult with your physician before applying the heating pad.

  • Is the Far Infrared Heating Pad flexible? Can it be wrapped around a body part?

    Yes. The format of the pad is totally flexible and made to mold to an area of discomfort for ultimate heating benefit and pain relief.

  • How long does the relief last?

    Everyone responds differently. In general, for each hour of use the effective therapy should last up to an additional hour.

  • Which side of the pad goes toward the skin?

    The Jade stones go toward the body.

  • Can I use it through my clothes or a layer of padding?

    Yes, in fact it is advised that you use a protective layer between you and the pad. There is no decrease in effectiveness with the use of a protective layer.

  • How long can I use the pad?

    You can use the pad as often and for as long as you like. Many customer like to use it to help them relax and sooth aches and pains throughout their day, while others like to use the pad to help expedite the healing process of an injury. The more you use it, the more relaxed and revitalized you will feel. Please allows the usage instructions for the first several weeks of use.

  • Is there a specific place or way to use the Far Infrared Heating Pad?

    Not really, but it is suggested that you set the pad up in a comfortable place (like your couch or bed) where you can relax and benefit the most from using the product. The pad can be applied to any area of the body, the closer to the affected area the better.

  • How do I know what the best temperature is for me and my condition?

    Everybody is different and responds differently to heat therapy. Use common sense while in the first few weeks of use with this product. Start slow in terms of temperature and time of use.

    A suggestion would be to start with one third of the available heat range for 20 minutes and observe the way your body responds to the therapy, and then adjust accordingly. Remember this form of therapy causes your body to detoxify, meaning that depending on the level of toxicity you might feel dizzy or nauseous. A remedy for this feeling is to drink water to help expel the toxins.

  • What is EMF?

    EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field. It is an energy field that is emitted from any wires that has current running through it. While this far infrared heating pad, when in operation, has no current running through its wires, every effort has been made in the design, development and construction to reduce and minimize any EMF exposure.