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Fitness Ball and Peanut Ball Inflation

Fitness Ball/ Peanut Ball Inflating Instructions

Due to the nature of the burst-resistance material, the following instructions should be followed to ensure its optimum performance:

  • Initially pump your fitness ball/ peanut ball to its tightest level, where it can inflate no further
  • Let the ball sit for at least 12 to 24 hours, then inflate the ball to the recommended size
  • Use the enclosed measuring tape to measure the size of the ball
  • Do NOT over inflate the ball
  • Repeat if necessary
After inflating to the recommended size, visually inspect the ball for any unusual appearances such as uneven and or punctured surfaces. If you see any abnormality, please do not use the product and contact our customer support department immediately.


1. Burst-resistance balls/ peanut balls are not warranted against punctures by any object, but are designed to help protect against sudden deflection if the ball/ peanut ball is punctured.
2. Under normal conditions, we recommend you replace your fitness ball/ peanut ball every year or sooner. For commercial/ institutional environments, such replacements may be required sooner. It is the responsibility of the users and facility instructors to inspect the fitness ball/ peanut ball before each exercise session.

Before Starting Exercises with Fitness Balls/ Peanut Balls
  • Inspect the floor’s surface prior to starting exercises and remove any objects that may cause the an unsafe environment
  • Inspect the fitness ball/ peanut ball and see if there are any unusual appearances or punctured surfaces
  • Inflate the ball to the recommended size 
  • Remove any sharp objects when utilizing the fitness ball/peanut ball, such as keys, belts, cellular phone, etc.
  • Clean the fitness ball/ peanut ball with a damp cloth after each session of usage
  • Follow the stretching exercises recommended by your personal trainer or from a certified personnel
  • Replace the fitness ball/ peanut ball as soon as there are signs of wear and tear or uneven/ punctured surfaces