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Sitback Rest - Straight Back & Bucket Seat

Color: Blue

Our Sitback Rest Promotes Proper Posture in any Chair

Sitback Standard
This popular cushion provides support and comfort for your lower back. Contour cut foam and side-support wings contour to your body for medium to firm support, to keep you in the correct position. Use at home, office or in your car. Comes with an adjustable positioning belt to keep cushion in place. 

Bucketseat Sitback Rest®
This version is specifically designed with side wings to fit snugly inside your car’s bucket-style seat. These built-in side wings provide maximum comfort and support while driving. Fits most standard bucket seats. Positioning belt included.

Our Standard and Bucketseat rests are covered with a durable cotton-blend cover. Positioning belt included. 

Available in blue and black.

Sitback/Bucketseat Sitback - 13”x14” (33cm x 36cm) 

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