Proper Pillow


Experience the Most Restful Sleep of Your Life or Your Money Back!

The Proper Pillow is designed to promote alignment of the back, neck and spine, delivering a more restful, comfortable night’s sleep.

Inventor, Dr. Loose, showing the patent pending orthotic pillow insert.

  • Maintains normal 20-40° cervical curve
  • Promotes side and back sleeping
  • Automatically supports to all body types
  • Standard Queen Size – 65cm x 45cm x 12cm
  • 4-Layer design with patent pending inner orthotic
  • Ergonomic construction comforts all body types
  • Cooling comfort layer disperses excess body heat
  • Construction: memory foam and latex foam
  • Care: washable quilted polyester cover. Air dry. 

    WARRANTY: 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee. 

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