The Reverie 365 Promise

If you’re just looking for a bed, we’re probably not for you. You came to us for something much more valuable. You want to improve your health and your life by getting the restful sleep you need.

Here’s our commitment to you.* We have designed the most customizable bed on the market. Over the next year, we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure your comfort. And because amazing sleep starts with a great bed but doesn’t end there, we’ll also help train you to be a strong sleeper. Our exclusive program includes:

Sleep Concierge 

*When you order your mattress, your sleep specialist will recommend a firmness configuration for you. After a few weeks of sleeping on your recommended configuration, you may find occasionally that it's not exactly right for you.* 

*Your mattress comes in a firmness configuration based on a consult we do with you when you order.* *Once it arrives, occasionally it’s not exactly right for you,* But the great thing is that the design allows the firmness to be adjusted every 4”. We’ll work with you via phone or email to customize your bed until it’s perfect for you and your partner. Unlimited calls for the first year.

A promise this big and wide reflects our mission of great sleep. Due to the extensive commitment behind this promise, as well as the extreme customizability of our beds, we do not accept returns.

Other companies take returns, but … not really.

They mostly offer exchange. And that’s inherently inconvenient. Time spent scheduling and being available for a pickup. Hefty restocking fees. Empty space and maybe even no mattress while you look for a new bed, sigh. It’s all wholly unnecessary with our bed, because we can tailor it to perfection for you. So we decided to avoid the hassle and just work with you to make it right. We view great sleep as a journey that we take together, and look forward to getting started.