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Innate CBD Testimonials

I have had difficulty getting a restful sleep for more than a dozen years and have tried all kinds of remedies with little result. Since using N8CBD Sleep Formula I have been able to sleep restfully through the night. What a relief. I recommend trying the sleep formula to anyone that struggles with getting a good night sleep

James Miller 

One Happy Customer!


I have suffered with joint pain for many years and have gotten tired and leery of taking over the counter medications. My Chiropractor recommended I start using N8-CBD Pain Formula as well as the Pain rub on Balm.  I can’t tell you how pleased I am with both products, what a difference.

Thank You! 

Bob Horn


Most of my life I have fought to keep weight off only to loose that battle time after time. A good friend told me her Doctor recommended N8CBD Weight Loss Tincture and she loved it. So I tried it and couldn’t be happier. The weight I have been able to loose is now staying off.

Love it!

Brenda Bowman


I have been in construction for 25 years and suffered from joint and muscle pain for 25 years. Using the N8CBD pain balm has taken my aches and pains away. I am thrilled with the relief I get and I have told my entire crew about this great product.


Mike Briggs


Since a young teenager I have experienced bouts of anxiety.  I have tried several different CBD products with moderate results. Since starting on N8-CBD Immune Boost I can honestly say I feel much calmer and more focused.


Rebecca Young