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Complete Customization - Sleep Science Technology

As your needs change, the bed can be reconfigured in minutes!


What, Exactly, Is A Reverie Sleep System?

Our state-of-the-art base with a customizable DreamCell Mattress

The Reverie sleep systems consist of two major components: our patented DreamCell™ mattress which uses micro targeted firmness to bring your spine into proper alignment. Underneath it all, you’ll find a soundly engineered Reverie power adjustable base allowing you to enjoy countless bed positions plus smooth, quiet massage. Great sleep is not one size fits all. People have different body types and support needs. Our beds are designed to meet those needs for both people sharing the bed.

The Most Customizable Bed Available. 

Why? Because it’s the only way to real comfort. You’re unique, right? So why settle for a one-size-fits-all bed built for the masses. We give you the options you need for a bed to be right for you. For your size, your sleeping position, your senses and any health issues. Nobody offers more options in a mattress. Our power bases are also infinitely adjustable to help you find your own best sweet spots. There’s even a range of massage options to soothe your body and lull you to sleep.

Never Had a Power Bed Before? It's Time!

Seriously, you've been missing out. Anti-Snore position, Zero Gravity and 3D-Wave™ massage could change your life.


Our DreamCell™ Mattress. It Looks Different. Because It Is.

You’ve never seen a mattress like this before. We constructed our mattress using individual DreamCell foam springs. These springs allow micro targeted firmness to better align with your spine. In fact, we can provide it precisely where you sleep on the mattress. We do this on both the right and left of the mattress, so your partner also enjoys maximum comfort, too. The DreamCell construction also has other benefits. Like increased airflow throughout the mattress for a more comfortable sleeping temperature. And the foam springs can be reconfigured later to accommodate temporary conditions in your life – injuries, pregnancy, weight changes or change in sleeping position. All of this provides an unprecedented level of comfort throughout the life of the mattress.


How Our Ingenious Little Foam Springs Work.

They come in four different densities. Hundreds of them throughout the mattress, to perfectly support your specific body. After consulting with you, we arrange them according to your body size, sleeping position and any health conditions. And because we’re always thinking, we made them reconfigurable in case your needs change. Hurt your back? Simply unzip the mattress and rearrange the cells until they feel perfect for your sore back. We provide configuration charts to help.*

The Reverie 3D- Massage Wave Technology

Get a Massage Every Day

New Study shows Reverie 3D-Wave massage helps people feel more alert

A recent Michigan State University study showed that Reverie’s 3D-Wave massage goes well beyond the obvious feel-good benefits during the massage. Namely, using it for 30 minutes at bedtime can help you wake up feeling happier and more alert. And those effects last well into the day.

Here’s how the study went down.

Male and female college students were studied for approximately 24 hours. One group of participants slept with a 30-minute 3D-Wave massage at bedtime, and the other group did not. Both groups were given cognitive tests before going to bed to establish a baseline and also given standard physiological tests throughout the night to track their sleep quality.

Upon waking, they were evaluated across several measures. They were asked about their quality of sleep and given another cognitive test. They rated their initial alertness and mood. Once they left the clinic and went about their normal lives, they were then texted every two hours throughout the day and asked to keep rating their alertness and mood.

Here is What Happened

The group that had the massage was compared to the group that didn’t. And the results were heartening. People who had used Reverie 3D Wave™ massage the night before woke up feeling happier. Better yet? The effects were not fleeting. Those who had 3D-Wave massage were more alert throughout the day and also in a better mood.

What Does It Mean For You

Sleep is a complex thing. It is different for all people, and at Reverie, we view it as a puzzle to be solved on many fronts. For a long time, we’ve felt massage helped, and now we have some objective proof. Massage is just one of many things we invest a lot of energy into to help you succeed at great sleep.

There’s really no way to go wrong with our 3D-Wave massage. It feels amazing, and many of us who sleep on the bed ourselves feel strongly that it helps us fall asleep. This study also supports the idea that it will help you feel happier and less tired all day long. At Reverie, this truly makes us happy. Our tagline is “Sleep well tonight. Live better tomorrow.” We mean it, and hope that you experience life-changing sleep every night.

The Reverie 365 Promise

We’ve designed the most innovative, customizable bed on the market. Over the first year, we’ll pull out all the stops to ensure your comfort. Including a product concierge, a sleep coach, curated sleep content and more. It’s a passionate, wide-ranging commitment to life-changing sleep; none of our competitors come close.

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