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Doing Social Marketing Right!

An Empowering Health Network Company

Why You Need Social Marketing
and How to Implement
a Successful Program


Social media isn’t a megaphone for your brand;
it’s a means for communication.

Don’t just talk to your patients and followers. Get them to TALK BACK by creating a conversation. Connecting with patients and followers on a personal level is one of the most effective ways to build a loyal base.The key to great social media is great content that engages your patients, followers, and circles to continue the conversation.

Done right, social media marketing is a vehicle that allows you to be a part of the conversations that your followers and patients are having, and participate in the their exploration and self-education.

Here's How We Implement
a Successful Program for You 

We Do Your Posts Every Week 
for FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram

    1. We Help Turn Your Posts - Into new patients
    2. We Create Awareness - Of your products and services
    3. We Implement Diversity - Social media is a melting pot of different types of people with varying backgrounds and behaviors 
    4. We Encourage Interaction - Giving them a way to be a part of what you're doing
    5. We Create Loyalty and Authority - Through content 

The Help What Hurts
"Social Program"

implements everyone
of these strategies

at a price you can afford. 

Join Help What Hurts
We Handle Social Media and
Your Other Marketing Challenges

Only $99.75/month

(Only 2 Chiropractors per zip code)
Questions? 844.632.0165