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60uP Metal Poles (Set of 2)


Aluminum poles, with exceptional strength, are now available as an option for use with your Balance Board (sold separately) for those needing more confidence or upper body control due to severe balance issues. 

Strongly Recommended for people:

  • over 250 pounds
  • with severe balance issues

Typical users:

  • Stroke Survivors
  • Advanced Parkinson’s
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Lower Body Injury
  • Surgery Recovery
  • Those needing the added confidence of extra-strength handles designed to support body weight.

The metal poles are important for larger bodies that have a need for the poles to help maintain balance and slowly build leg strength or for those coming back from major balance deficiencies and need upper body support. Once the confidence and strength begins to return to a place where the user can stand self supported, switching to the yellow poles will increase the leg and foot control, leading to better mobility without aides – which is the goal.

The 60uP Balance Board System is designed with the expectation that the yellow poles will require minimal upper body support, being used to adjust balance rather then support the body. The metal poles will support whole body balance well over 300 pounds.  Every board comes the yellow poles with the goal, should metal poles be purchased, to graduate to those when the body and confidence is ready.

Easy to swap out so that you can progress at your own pace.


    We have 3 lengths based on height.

    • 5’1” and shorter person
    • 5’2”- 6'1" person
    • 6’2” and taller person (addt'l cost)

      Please confirm the correct height is selected above before adding to cart.

    Shipping times vary based on location.
    Approx. 10-15 days, weather permitting.