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60uP "Beast" Black Resistance Bands (Level 5 )


Our 60uP® "Beast" Black Resistance Band Set (Level 5) offers the ultimate strength test and balance challenge. The heavy duty resistance bands will test even the best of muscle beasts who lift heavy and want to increase definition and muscle shape while working core stability through balance. 

You will receive two sets of "Beast" Resistance Bands (Level 5): 

  • The 50 cm bands are for the lower than chest body workouts. For example, your biceps, lifting, low squats, triceps, front shoulders and more. 
  • The 100 cm bands are for work above the shoulders. Exercises include shoulder press, side lifts, above head squats, upper back, and more.

Please note: these bands offer a very demanding workout and are perfect for the athlete or person wanting to go to the highest level we offer to date. Lower reps and upper body demand while improving the balance potential. 

60uP® offers five Levels of Resistance Bands to meet you where you are at and support your strength and balance goals:

    All bands are designed for ease of use, strength mobilization and gain without the risk that free weights can create. Bands are known for smooth, comfortable muscle movement while limiting any risk to joints because of the way they fit your natural body angles. For even greater resistance - for those advanced - you can add two bands to one side and hold tow handles to make any single band setup tougher. Remember, safety is always first and at any time you feel you are losing your stability place the bands back on the red safety hooks and grab the poles, or in an emergency drop the bands and hold the poles - then safely step off the board.